Incredible Ways Acceptance Can Strengthen Your Marriage


NLT Bible. Genesis 24:67
[67]And Isaac brought Rebekah into his mother Sarah’s tent, and she became his wife. He loved her deeply, and she was a special comfort to him after the death of his mother.

In this series, we shall consider the topic “acceptance of your partner”. Quickly go through the verse sited above.

We know that after courtship, marriage becomes the next phase of any serious relationship. Though, we have pre-wedding preparations which we shall treat very soon.Firstly, we must realize that it is only during courtship we have the time to carefully scrutinize our partner because once this phase is over then the door is shut. That’s why I counsel people to marry with their hearts and heads. If you fall in love with your heart, at least you have the head intact to reason with.

Whatever reason(s) you have before getting into marriage should be properly analysed. Please, don’t marry because of beauty because it will fade away oneday. Don’t marry because of eloquence. Don’t marry because of money. Don’t marry because you are compelled to do so. Don’t just marry because your mates are all married rather marry because you want to marry and you are ready to accept responsibility. Marry because it’s the will of God for you and you ready to spend the rest of your life with your partner.

Marriage is the only vehicle without a reverse gear. Once you are in, you are in.

You must understand the fact that there are so many things that will never be discovered about your partner during courtship.

Then, How can you handle this issue?

That’s what this series will teach us “acceptance”. God for the first time in Genesis 2:22 introduced the couple to each other. The Bible said ‘and God brought her to the man’. The next verse says “and Adam said now this is my bone and my flesh”.

I call that acceptance.

What makes marriage(s) collapse easily is when there is no acceptance. Remember, both of you are from different social, environmental, spiritual and economic backgrounds.

The uniqueness of marriage is that two different people will come together to become one. Somebody once said that he is afraid of marriage because God will just bring two different people together.
To him, it’s one of the most difficult things to accept. You shouldn’t be afraid of marriage. That’s why I advise people to marry who they truly love because it is only love that can sustain you.

Love brings acceptance.

There was a scenario where a lady once fled the first night from her matrimonial home to her parent’s home and they had to bring her back.

Actually she felt strange in another home different from her parent’s home. Acceptance has a lot to do with everything in any relationship(s) especially in marriage(s). You must learn to live together. If you know your heart is beating a thousand times in a second because of fear. Better seek counselling before getting into marriage.

Isaac never knew Rebekah. He had never meant her. He only heard about her and also Rebekah had never meant Isaac. She only heard about him but when she was called upon to give her consent. She accepted because she had accepted Isaac before seeing him right in her heart. Anyone your heart doesn’t accept you cannot live with that person. Marriage is like salvation. It begins with your heart acceptance.

When Isaac saw Rebekah in the field there was an acceptance. Immediately the hollow in his heart was filled. Remember, they were brought up from different environment but Isaac took her just the way she is. Not many people will tell you this. In acceptance, you don’t consider his or her past. You only accept. Once acceptance is established then the marriage or relationship will blossom. Accept the character and manners. Though some can be corrected. Without acceptance there can not be a repair.

A mechanic must accept the car before he works on it.

Accept the food-don’t run away. Accept all. That’s marriage!. Once you accept your partner definitely mistakes and offences in your marriage will be minimized. If not, you will keep looking around for another.

A partner that tells you that you shouldn’t tolerate him or her in your marital home should have given you that advise before marriage. Remember there are no perfect couples in this planet. May be there are in planet Jupiter but not on Earth.

Don’t wait until your partner accept you. You start!

I believe God has spoken to us.
See you next series. Remember to drop your contributions and questions on the comment section.

Credit: Omaraye Derek


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