PPA Sendforth Speech By A Corps Member


Speech transcript written by: Aheybor J. Osaro

Most importantly, my utmost appreciation goes to God Almighty for the gift of life upon us all.

I also recognize and appreciate the Management (administrative and academic staff) and students of Government Day Secondary School, Babura for your cooperation during our service year.

To my talented and productive colleagues from Batch A, B’s and C’s, you guys are extremely the best.

The journey so far has be challenging, adventurous and incredibly joyous. My today speech will target some wonderful and funny experiences during my service year and also to encourage us all especially you! students, to develop good reading habits as its highly required to access a brighter future.

Let me reaffirm that amongst the secondary schools in Babura local government area of Jigawa State. GDSS, Babura has remained the best that’s why it is named “centre of excellence” courtesy of your productivity and hardwork as teachers, corps members, and students.

My colleagues can attest that the environment, residents, teachers and students have been wonderful. However, all regions of the world has its own peculiar challenges and Babura isn’t left out. As majority of the challenges encountered were communication (language barrier), network issues as most times there are interference with the Niger republic network and the harsh weather condition of the environment.

However, the joyous moments supersedes the challenges and some of the features that amazed my stay in Babura was the simplicity of lives, the willingness for students to learn, the productivity of the young ones especially the students, the peaceful environment and coexistence and the method of respect. For I was amazed to see the young had to squat when they are engaged in a conversation with the elderly.

Woow! This outward behaviour of respect was amazing and cut across all age groups ranging from the old to young.

It was my first time to experience a different culture as I am from the southern part of Nigeria who was posted by NYSC to serve here, in the North.

Not just the North but a border community to Niger republic which makes us call ourselves international corps members.

One of my funny and unforgettable experience was a day I went to the local government secretariat to make enquiries on how to obtain national identity card. After much discussion with the computer operator. He said

“When you are new here, you will be saying turachin fala-fala, Hausa babu.

When you stay here for a while, you will be saying turachin fala-fala, Hausa kadan-kadan.

When you have stayed here for long, your words will be turachin kadan-kadan, Hausa fala-fala”.

This is to show the willingness of the community to teach us the Hausa language. Those that knows me very well in Babura especially my community friends and corps members, when they speak Hausa I don’t know.

I will simply reply “kadan-kadan Hausa, turachin fala-fala” meaning Hausa small-small, English plenty-plenty.


Ya karatu ku (How are all your studies)?

Ina gaise ku (I greet you all).

It is important to remind us all to always read for its highly beneficial as;

1. Reading elevates us to be better person’s.

2. It adds to our experience on what to do at every given point in time or situation(s).

3. It allows us to spend our time well by being productive.

4. It also help our mental and intellectual growth.

The day you stop reading that same day you start to die intellectually. Remember “not all readers are leaders but all leaders are readers”. So take your studies seriously.

Be better than your yesterday and stop wishing I want to be this or that and start doing your best. Work hard, dream big and never give up on your dreams.

Notke Tim said “Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard”. That’s to say you must put your best in everything your hand(s) finds be it studies, workplace, career etc.

I am not telling you it is going to be easy but I tell surely its going to merit it.

Winners don’t wait for chances rather they take them because they have prepared for it – So study to show yourself approved and prepared. Aliko Dangote from Kano State, Nigeria who is the 64th richest man in the world and Africa richest man with many other great men and women are good examples of this kind of leaders who are winners that takes chances and not wait for them.

So learn from them.

Push yourself because nobody, not even your parents, families, friends, society or government is going to do it for you.

So take a bold step today.

On a final note. As we the Batch A 2018 leaves the NYSC scheme we promise to be good ambassadors of NYSC and Babura community. Let me recall the words of the school vice principal during Batch B’s 2017 sendforth ceremony that is CLO Kenneth set in October, 2018 “you all came here as corps members, you are leaving here not only as corps members but also as ambassadors of this school and community”.

Thanks, for the love and hospitality shown to us Batch A 2018. We pray and believe you do better for Batch B’s and C’s.

Let say to ourselves aloud
I am the best,
I will dedicate my time to studies and become productive

Tell your neighbour close by
Watch me, I can and I will“.

Remember, do not stop when you are tired rather you should stop when you have completed the task.

God bless G.D.S.S
God bless Jigawa State
God bless NYSC
God bless Nigeria


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