How Your Relationship Can Work Inrespective Of Age Difference

Written by: Omaraye Derek Welcome everyone to our relationship and marriage series. Peace to you all in Jesus name. Today we shall consider “age difference in marriage”. NLT Bible. Ruth 3:10 [10]“The lord bless you, my daughter!” Boaz exclaimed. “You are showing even more family loyalty now than you did before, for you have not gone after a younger man, whether rich or poor. NLT Bible. Genesis 17:17 [17]Then Abraham bowed down to the ground, but he laughed to himself in disbelief. “How could I become a father at the age of 100?” he thought. “And how can Sarah have a baby when she is ninety years old?” Quickly consider the verses sited above. There are real factors militating against an average African marital homes and we must address them radically. The verses above pointed out that Abraham was ten years older than his wife. We don’t know if it’s deliberate but one thing I discovered was that it was never a problem to this couples. We all have reasons to whatever we do.  We also discovered that Boaz was much older than Ruth. That was by divine arrangement. Let’s also remember that Isaac married Rebekah at age forty. We don’t know the age of Rebekah at this time. All these couples I sited had mutual respect for their partner. Can we accept that age is insignificant in marriage where love exists? There is no biblical specific age difference between the couples. One thing you should know about God is that he doesn’t invade our will that’s why he gave us head to reason. Sadly enough, some people carry their heads like load upon their bodies.  As a man you should not marry sweet sixteen because you want to control her and also as a lady, you should not marry a man whose age, is that of your father’s simply because you want your share of his wealth. That’s not a good thought for a child of God.  One thing you must have in mind is that in marriage both of you should be around for a while to train the kids together and in the case when there is a case of much gap in age, blame game should not arise. I have heard people making reference to the age of their partners because there was a problem. It means that, in every disagreement your partner age is attached.

That’s not right

Remember nobody forced you into the marriage or did someone forced you? So deceased from making reference to your partner age at slight emergence of challenges but I must make it clear here that marrying at young age is very advantageous. Normally, the females in most cases have complications in child birth when they are too advanced in age. My prayer for you is that, money will not cause a delay in your marriage. Somebody may ask that “Can a woman marry a man younger to her in age?

My answer is yes!!!

In marriage, age is just a number. Only love and mutual respect counts that’s why I said your age should not be mention in your home when you want to address your partner.
Your partner is already aware of your age. Why making reference to it?
There are men that want to draw the attention of the woman to a serious issue by making reference to his age. To me, it seems you want to intimidate your partner. In the eyes of the creator you are one and equal before him. You are only different in responsibilities. The Bible talks about honouring one another in love. Let me cite an example with myself. I am eight years older than my wife but believe me I didn’t plan it. This did not make me the emperor over her. I still visit her in the kitchen when I am less busy. I still see her as a force to be reckoned. Her suggestions are always mind blowing and I don’t shun her which makes her not to see me like a dominant King and this has really helped our relationship together. In marriage, there should be respect and submission. An above all, if you are still praying for a partner then allow the holy Spirit to do the searching for you.

That doesn’t mean you will not make your choice.

I am an African and believe me, there are things that are conspicuously wrong with some of our marriage systems. We must do away with certain tradition that makes our marriage bitter which is lack of Respect and love. Sometime ago, I was talking about this in a seminar, a young man got offended and walked away. To him bringing yourself down to respect your wife is a taboo but I believe I am talking to elite of our time. Please make sure your marriage works inrespective of age difference. I see many of you having a beautiful marriage than mine. I love you all. My beautiful people. Do drop your questions, contributions on the comment box, if you have any. See your relationship and marriage lifestyle at the top.


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