Scanning With Your Phone With Ease

Written by: Aheybor J. Osaro As early stated that being an ICT literate is a most for all as we are in a technological era. Today’s topic is “using your smartphone as a scanner to scan document(s) with ease” Woow. Using your phone as a scanner! Is it actually possible? Yes! Its very possible as technology has improved. However, there are many medium of which it can be actualized. Our main focus will be using the WPS app. This article was borne out to resolve complains where computer scanning machine(s) or computer center(s) are unavailabile to scan document(s) to be sent for job requirements or other reasons via e-mail and also to safe the day for someone far from home who forget his/her credentials which is urgently needed. Benefits
  • Its easier and faster.
  • Electricity is not required as your phone is enough to complete the task.
  • Its zero cost. So its free.
  • Exposes you to great things you can do with your phone.

Why worry so much!

We are in a globe world where most things is now been digitalized. Less of the talk. Let’s get down to business.

Ten Steps On How To Use Your Phone To Scan A Document

Step One: Download WPS Office from google play store.
Step Two: Install and open the WPS app Step Three: Tap the icon of a circle with a plus sign “+” on the bottom right.
Step Four: Select New Scan
Step Five: Position your phone’s camera over the document to be scanned.
Step Six: Reshape the document to your desired size. Add suitable effect either original, B&W or Magic. To proceed, click on the symbol of good at the bottom right of the screen.
Step Seven: Click the symbol “:” at the top right corner. Select convert to pdf.
Step Eight: Choose any of the medium either gmail, Facebook, twitter or dropdox to login so it convert from image to pdf.
Step Nine: Rename the document and Click Export to pdf.
It will automatic convert to PDF which you can open and share either to your email or to others via WhatsApp, telegram, facebook, email etc.

I believe you can now DIY…Do It Yourself

Share! to educate others. For any challenge (s) encountered or if you have questions, be free to use the comment box.


  1. Thank for that may God give you what you need in your live provided is such thing is good to you and others.
    From yours brother harisu babura.
    And we as a computer side we need more related to this scanning with phone.


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