Discover 4 Ways To Dress For Success


Everyone wants to be successful in life and dressing appropriately is one of the vital factors that will help us achieve success. It is important for us to know that the clothes we wear goes a long way in explaining to people our real personality.

Remember, “the mind is everything” so whatever you think, you become. Likewise, the way we dress, is the same way we would be addressed.

This article is basically anchored on experiences gathered right from my school days through to my work experience.

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Back to our discussion. At this point, I will highlight few key points on the need to dress for success.

Are you ready to dress for success?

If yes! Lets move along to set successes rolling in, through our dressing.

Four ways to dress for success

a) Halo effect

Halo effect can be said to be the first impression one has about someone. It could be at a first glance or impression about someone’s outfit or speech. The halo effect is when one trait of a person or thing is used to make an overall judgement of that person or thing.

From this point, we see that our dressing have the capacity to make or mare us.

For a better impression to be carried out on you – dress well.

b) Boosting self confidence:

An old adage says, “if a child washes his/her hand neatly, such a child will dine with kings and queens”. This adage also implies that someone who dresses well will have the confidence to speak to kings and queens.

Don’t you want to stand before kings and queens or you want to stand before mere men?

To boost your self confidence from today onward – dress well.

c) Self love:

It is a state of appreciation for oneself. It is however not static in nature rather its dynamic and it grows by action that matures us.

When we act in the way(s) that expands self love in us. We will begin to accept much better, our weaknesses as well as our strengths.

Dressing well helps to promote the love we have for ourselves and make others to love us too.

So if you have self love, your dressing would tell!!!

d) Respect:

Respect is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

When you dress neatly, you attract people far and near, close to yourself.

Such that when you talk, people may want to listen not because your point is fully correct but because you are looking responsible and you are worth admiring.

So by dressing well, you build a lot of respect round and for yourself.

I could tell that most of us wanted or wants to be either a doctor, pastor, imam, nurse, lawyer, pilot, police officer, army general, engineer, astronaut, corps member and so many others because the way they dress captured our love for them.

Your dressing story begins a new success page in your live.

So start today!!!

Credit: Jumbo A. Tumini


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