Batch A 2018: Secrets Of Turning Challenges to Opportunities

Transcript of a farewell speech to NYSC Batch A 2018. Composed written by: Aheybor J. Osaro (Batch A 2018 Corps Member) Presented at: NCCF Babura sub-zone sendforth ceremony held on Tuesday 12th March, 2019. I am pleased to speak on this platform of graduates especially corps members. Indeed, I’m blessed and privileged to witness the sent forth program for Batch A 2018. I wouldn’t neglect to thank Almighty God for life, the leadership of this fellowship for the privilege to speak and also to thank my colleagues (Batch A 2018) for their hard work so far. For we all have demonstrated a commitment to improving ourselves and inspiring others in our special ways. I have deliberated hard about my address speech today in which I have asked myself, what I wish I had known? And what important lessons I have learned during my one year service to the nation under the NYSC scheme. Let me firstly acknowledge that amongst the 27 local government areas in Jigawa state, Babura “the current governor’s hometown” and her perculiar people is one of the best amongst the others that I have heard and experienced. The peaceful environment, the productivity of the young ones, the simplicity of their lives, the willingness to teach you the hausa language and their dress code which shows they are proud of who they are and their culture has really captured my thoughts during my service, here in Babura community. However, there are challenges such as communication (language barrier), lack of electricity, harsh weather conditions, weak telecommunication networks, distrubing flies, mosquitoes and the likes. I believe that all region has their percularities and Babura isn’t left out. Today our cries and songs as Nigerians especially the youth is, Nigeria has a lot of problems. Yes! she does. Every country of the world has it’s problems and challenges. One of the greatest challenges facing Nigeria is the threat to national unity as centrifugal tension, resource control, selfishness, greed, ethnicity, sectionalism, religiousity and tribalism have enveloped national consciousness. Due to these challenges, our productivity as a people and nation has been naturally discouraged with the dearth of productivity, unemployment, under employment and under development have increased exponentially. This intention is not to dampen our enthusiasm as we celebrate today, the lastest outgoing corps members of Nigeria rather it’s to throw up the challenges confronting us such as the chaos, confusion and disorder that we have found ourselves. It is imperative letting us know that chaos, confusion and disorder are antecedents of opportunities. So we must not allow religion, tribalism, ethnicity or nationality to become the chains that limits our visions, networks and ambitions rather let use them as bridges to expand our world by embracing their common principles of humanity, solidarity, charity, honesty and the search for the common good of all. However, we must first restructure our mindset, have a steel-heart for hope, resolve to pull ourselves out of this darkness and have a spirit to excel. The important questions we should be asking ourselves are; 1. What are our challenges? 2. How do we tackle this challenges? 3. When is the time to tackle it? The formal UN secretary Late Dr. Kofi Annan quoted “We need to think of the future and the planet we are going to leave our children”. This is a propelling force for us to be audacious. For the best time to prepare, take risks, and dare is now. So be prepared to be criticized, misunderstood and be called names because of your vision. Remember, Mark Zuckerberg was 19 years old when He founded Facebook, Bill Gates was 20 years old at the time He began Microsoft, late Steven Jobs of Apple company was 21 years old when He also started and finally the three graduates (one a medical doctor and other two a computer engineer) from Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) started the company ‘jobberman’ during the industrial strike action by Nigeria Academic Staff Union (ASUU) in August, 2009 and today ‘jobberman’ is Africa leading online job site. Jack Ma, China’s richest man said “Most people keep on complaining, but if you can solve the complaining, if you solve the problem, then that is the opportunity”. We can’t afford to waste our youthful energy. Our energy is not just significant for national growth but helpful for self development. Be stronger than your excuses, don’t worry about failure rather worry about chances you missed when you don’t even try. There’s a bright light at the end of the tunnel so let’s go it. Remember “Let Go and Let God”. During challenging times, I do say this short prayer: ‘May Almighty God, the source of all strength who blessed the ones before me, help me find courage to make my life a blessing in Jesus Name, Amen’. I hope you all find the courage to make your lives a blessing.Once again congratulations Batch A 2018, good luck to us all and to Batch B’s and C’s be productive and take courage for your time shall come. Let us be ambassadors of the motto “A good life is possible” of and live a life filled with morals, virtues, godliness and a reputable legacy for the next generation. “Every and any decision taken produces an action that has it’s own consequences” God bless NYSC God bless Nigeria God bless our future


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