Politics Speaks! My True Essence Has Been Degraded


Oh politics! You are supposed to be policing development and progress.

Oh politics! Your essence is depreciating in societies and countries.

Oh politics! You are supposed to be active in the daily activities of the people and nation.

Oh politics! Your true concept have been greatly misunderstood by both the old and the young.

Oh politics where are thou! In classrooms, students have used you; to oppress others.

In schools, managements have used you; to oppress students.

In workplace, employers have used you; to oppress employee.

In families, parents have used you; to oppress parents.

In homes, parents have used you; to oppress children.

In societies, neighbours have used you; to oppress neighbours.

In countries, governments have used you; to oppress her people.

Oh politics, the cry of the oppressed is much and heavy! Speak Now, oh politics!

Why haven’t you expressed your true essence and concept? Many see you; as a means to oppress others. Many see you; as a means to be exalted above others. Many see you; as a means to acquire quick wealth. In fact, most persons see you; only in political campaigns and elections.

Oh politics! Is this you? Why have you made men slaves to man? Why have you made the poor, victims of oppression? Why have you made the inferior be the masses and not the managements and government?

Oh politics! Who can help you restore your l I believe not; Many see you as an abstract that can’t help itself. Is it I! May be. However, there are too many challenges that weakens me.

Who now can help you? You all!. For in unity you can overcome the challenges that weakens my true concept; Even when few get weak and nonchalant; the burning zeal of others will motivate them: to stand up, raise standards and press forward.

Ha! Politics speaks: I’m not only for politicians: for I’m applicable in everyday routine.

I didn’t lose my dignity: rather the people misunderstood my true concept.

I can never uphold oppression: rather the ambitions of men did; using me as a platform.

Truly! My essence have been degraded.

I’m supposed to be the methodology and activities associated with running a government, an organization, or a movement. I’m also supposed to be the profession of conducting political affairs. All for the achievement of a better and greater today.

I am politics! You all can help restore my dignity and essence In families; In homes; In schools; In workplace; In government; and In every place and time.

“Bad things continues to happen when Good people do nothing.

So stand for something or you will fall for everything”.


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