Times comes – When challenges get tough and all hope seems lost.
There are also times – When tribalism, ethnicity & sectionalism becomes a daily routine.

What then, does the future hold?

Freedom is much more than the absence of war.
Being free is total liberation for greater exploitation.
We can’t continue to dwell in pretence:
That someone, somewhere will make a change for us.
For the future, we can’t picture – we can’t feature.

For the future – I believe

Being safe alone is a big lie.
Because, the truth is that we can’t be safe alone.
Change can’t come from mere lips service.
For the choices we make and the decisions we take; sharpens today.
The future isn’t for one rather its for all (masses).
The future, I believe can’t be only good or even better but it can definitely be the best.

For the future – I believe

In the spirit of unity, the creator of all creatures creacted all things good and perfect.
Therefore, togetherness is a great gift and sacrifice.
For in unity we stand
and divided we shall fall.
We all are important for the future.
We are stronger as a family.
As it will sharpen the past, restore our today and blossom in the future.

For the future – I believe
I hope you believe?

We must ‘snapped’ our desired future today.
Otherwise there will be no picture for the future.
The future shouldn’t only be a clamor for revolution.
Rather should be a practical revolution.
For revolution does not start in the brain.
No! it starts in the stomach.
For when the pangs of hunger pierce through the intestine.
The zeal to solve the issue becomes a passionate mission.

Many unfullfilled promises has scammed us of a better future because we never took a bold step today. We must therefore be resolute to accessing a brighter and a better future.

For the Future – I Believe is Today and Now.


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