How It’s Possible To Love So Much


“With every thought of you – Great chills moves through my spine. My stomach – ache’s, my body – shakes.

Taking a deep breathe, My heart beats faster.

I can feel my blushing face showing. Though, I try to hide my feelings.

Notwithstanding, looking through your eyes, awesome purity and virtues takes hold of me.

I’m like an Eagle flying and soaring highest in the sky. There’s nothing in the universe that compares to you.

To some people, February 14th is just a day.

For me, it’s a day to take my time to say…I LOVE YOU And a time to stop, and think what we’ve been through and how much our love has grown.

I do ask myself, how it’s possible to love so much.

For you’ve amended my broken heart.

My heart has been permanently touched.

Today I reaffirm that…I LOVE YOU More than I could write down, tell, explain or even try to show, In this life and in the next.

I’ve done things I regret – I am passionately sorry

For all the times I didn’t support you. (Please forgive me)

For all the times I let you down. (Please forgive me)

For all the times I told lies. (Please forgive me)

For all the times I made you cry through my wrongs. (Please forgive me)

For all the times I neglected to appreciate you. (Please forgive me)

Our love shouldn’t die even when today says good-bye.

To put my feelings into words would be so hard to do.

All the books written and placed in various libraries, Can’t tell how I feel.

I’ll always say…I LOVE YOU

I’ll keep on loving you each and everyday. You’re my living miracle, my sweetheart and my love.”


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